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About Egglands Best eggs

Eggand's Best Is The Leader In Egg Freshness

Results of an independent retail egg quality survey showed that through a 45-day storage period, Eggland's Best eggs maintained a superior Grade AA in comparison to Grade A for ordinary eggs. This means that Eggland's Best eggs maintained the quality attributes characteristic of a fresh egg longer than regular eggs. Simply stated, Eggland's Best eggs stay fresher longer.

The Eggland's Best limited survey confirms the quality observed during the USDA National Retail Egg Quality Survey. For further details, see: Market survey of quality and freshness of eggs produced under an enhanced hen nutrition and egg production program. H.K. Burley and C.L. Johnson, 2013, Journal of Applied Poultry Research 22:929-933.

At the Farm: Hen Feed Testing

To ensure that all Eggland's Best hens receive the same high-quality feed, all Eggland's Best producers submit samples each month of their Eggland's Best hen feed to be evaluated in our laboratory for consistency, quality, and nutritional value.

At the Store: Product Testing

We retain an independent auditing firm to randomly visit supermarkets around the country to evaluate the quality of Eggland's Best eggs. Eggs are collected from retail shelves and sent to an outside laboratory for evaluation. This testing is continuous throughout the year, with three independent laboratories confirming the results. 

The Best Production Standards

All Eggland's Best Classic eggs are processed under the watchful eye of an on-site USDA or state inspector. Eggland's Best quality and freshness grading standards are higher than the USDA's basic grading standards yielding fresher, higher quality eggs. 

To ensure Eggland's Best remains the leader in nutrition and freshness, we conduct more than 30,000 tests each year, and created a "27 Points of Quality and Freshness" Program. Read more about our new program here.

Eggland's Best's producers are selected for their ability to meet our stringent quality standards and their ability to deliver fresh eggs. Each franchisee producer adheres to strict production guidelines, which include uncompromising standards for sanitation and refrigeration to ensure maximum safety. If a producer fails to adhere to the strict Eggland's Best production standards, then that producer risks losing its franchise.

Under USDA surveillance, Eggland's Best Classic eggs are graded according to standards that far exceed their regular specifications.  And a continuous program of strict auditing, both of the production process, and of the eggs in the market, ensures Eggland's Best consumers that they are receiving the absolute finest quality eggs.

In Your Kitchen: Customer Comments and Concerns

Eggland's Best also evaluates consumer queries received. Each producer is immediately notified of any compliments or issues. To contact us, click here.