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Eating nutritious foods and maintaining a regular exercise routine go hand-in-hand for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Eggland's Best eggs, rich in protein, lutein, Omega 3s and Vitamin E, are the perfect boost for working out and staying in great shape.  

Meet Cathe Friedrich, Eggland's Best Fitness Expert

Cathe FriedrichCathe is credited for pioneering the fitness home video industry, after she recognized a need to provide simple, affordable and motivating ways for Americans to exercise and stay fit.  In 2011, Cathe was inducted to the National Fitness Hall of Fame.

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Cathe on EB Eggs

"While exercising, people need enough carbohydrates and protein for energy and muscle development.  Adequate protein is especially needed for maintaining health before and after workouts.  If, while exercising, people fail to take-in enough calories from carbohydrates and fat, the body will burn muscle protein for energy, thereby creating a "self-destructive" situation for the body.  Eggland's Best eggs offer the body the most complete and natural source of high-quality protein, while replenishing essential amino acids in the body used during exercise. Additionally, oxidative damage, caused by free-radical production in the body as a result of exercise, can be significantly offset by Vitamin E, Omega 3 and lutein intake.

Vitamin E - found in wheat germ oil, nuts and seeds, whole grains, egg yolks, and leafy green vegetables - is an antioxidant that protects cell membranes and other fat-soluble parts of the body from damage.  Eggland's Best eggs are a superb natural source of Vitamin E, with 10 times more Vitamin E than in an ordinary egg, and they are the only eggs I eat."

About Cathe

For over 20 years, Cathe has been a leading innovator of the home exercise video industry.  With over 190 workout titles to her credit, she created one of the first 'step' aerobic videos in 1989, and continues to produce fun, intense, and challenging workouts for all body types and fitness levels.

Cathe holds a long-time ACE primary certification, and has specialty fitness certifications in Indoor Cycling, Body Pump, Kickboxing, Boxing, Prenatal Fitness, Resist-A-Ball, Yoga Fit, and more.  Her award-winning fitness workouts have been featured in the New York Times, Dallas News, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. You've read about them in Shape, Oxygen, Self, Health, Fit, Consumer Digest and Fitness magazines. In addition, Cathe's workouts air nationally three times a day on the Discovery Channel's FitTV.  

In 2011, Cathe was inducted to the National Fitness Hall of Fame.

For Fitness Professionals

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