5 Nutrition Packed Recipes to Start the New Year

December 21, 2016

5 Nutrition Packed Recipes to Start the New Year

We put together our top 5 nutrition packed recipes to help start your New Year in the healthiest way possible. We packed this list with dishes that are high in protein and essential nutrients like Omega-3 and Vitamin D!

Remember, when you use Eggland’s Best eggs instead of ordinary eggs you are providing you and your family superior nutrition such as 25% less saturated and 5x more vitamin D! 

Coconut Crust Breakfast Pizza

You don’t have to cut out pizza in the New Year! This paleo breakfast pizza crust is made with just 3 easy ingredients & seasonings, making it an easy meal for any time of day.


Salmon Quiche 

Combine EB Eggs & salmon to give this delicious quiche a protein-packed and omega 3 punch! 


Bacon, Egg, and Pineapple Turkey Burger

Using turkey instead of ground beef gives you a lean source of protein that can help lower cholesterol. Plus, did you know  that Eggland’s Best eggs can be eaten as part of a cholesterol-lowering diet. 


5-Ingredient Cauliflower Fried Rice 

Put down that take out menu! Cauliflower is the perfect rice alternative and helps keep calories low and make your dish gluten-free. Plus, tossing in Eggland’s Best Eggs will give you and your family 10x more vitamin E, 5x more vitamin D and 25% less Saturated Fat than ordinary eggs.


Skillet Chickpeas and Broccoli Rice 

Not a fan of cauliflower? Try broccoli as a rice alternative. It’s perfect for sneaking in a side of vegetables and keeping a low-carb diet. We’ve added broccoli rice into our skillet with chickpeas, sunny side up EB Eggs, and avocados for a healthy meal for lunch or dinner. 



How are you serving up your Eggland’s Best Eggs and staying healthy in the New Year? Tag us on social media and share your unique breakfast, lunch, or dinner dishes!