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4 Delicious EB Dishes for the Holidays

4 Delicious EB Dishes for the Holidays

To make your holiday meal prep easier, just recreate each of these 4 delicious EB dishes that will have your family begging for seconds. From breakfast to dessert, we picked out our top favorite holiday recipes that we love to serve to our family and friends. Bon Appetit!more

Puff Pastry Bundle


Mornings can be hectic, but since breakfast is the most important meal of the day we urge you not to skip it. In fact, we’re providing you with a solution! This Puff Pastry Bundle is a great make-ahead that can be refrigerated or frozen for those days when you're in a rush.

Celery Popovers


A great addition to any meal, are our new Celery Popovers! These light and delicious pop-overs will remind you of stuffing. Just double or triple the recipe depending on how many guests you’re having… remember, they’ll be craving seconds!

BLT Egg Bake

BLT Egg Bake

This BLT Bake has all the elements of a classic BLT sandwich but in a great new twist. Try making it with your kids for the perfect meal at any time of day!

Cannoli French Toast Rolls


How could you ever say no. French toast gets rolled up with classic cannoli flavors in this unique recipe that’s perfect for a holiday dessert. Try something new and cook a few dozen of these. Like they say the more the merrier!