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Appetizer Semi-Finalists Announced in the 2017 EB "Foodtography" Contest

Appetizer Semi-Finalists  Announced in the 2017 EB "Foodtography" Contest

Cedar Knolls, N.J., June 5, 2017– Eggland’s Best (EB) is excited to announce the top five Appetizer semi-finalist photos in the 2017 Eggland’s Best “Foodtography” Contest. From unique takes on deviled eggs to savory and veggie-inspired dishes, the semi-finalist photos represent the most passionate EB fans who also happen to have an eye for taking beautiful photos of their delicious and healthy EB dishes.

“To celebrate 25 years of providing the only egg that provides better taste, better nutrition, better freshness and better variety, we asked our loyal fans to submit mouthwatering photos of their favorite EB dishes,” said Charlie Lanktree, President and CEO of Eggland’s Best. “We were extremely impressed with how the semi-finalists were able to take ordinary appetizers and create nutritionally superior and delicious dishes using Eggland’s Best eggs. We hope this will inspire others to create and share their own nutritious Eggland’s Best creations.”

From now through June 18th, EB is calling on fans to vote for their favorite Appetizer category photo to help determine which of the semi-finalists will move on to the finalist round for a chance to compete for the Grand Prize. Last month, the Breakfast/Brunch category semi-finalists were announced and voted on, and later fans will have the opportunity to also vote on semi-finalists in the Main Course and Dessert categories. The Appetizer semi-finalists include:

  • Nanette O., Utah – Roasted Vegetables and Egg Pastries
  • Jessica S., New Jersey – Steak & Egg Land Deviled Egg's
  • Shauna H., Utah – Savory Chicken Baklava
  • Lisa K., Pennsylvania – Crispy Coconut Curried Devils
  • Cheryl H., Ohio– Salmon & Cheddar Croquettes

Once finalists from each category are selected and announced, fans will once again have the chance to vote for the ultimate Eggland’s Best Foodtographer! The Grand Prize winner will be awarded $5,000 and a year’s supply of EB eggs, and finalists will receive $1,000.

"Traditional party appetizers can sometimes be higher in fat and lacking in nutrition, which is not the case for the mouthwatering semi-finalist appetizer dishes submitted in this year’s Eggland’s Best Foodtography Contest,” said Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner. “Using a better egg like Eggland’s Best adds superior nutrition and taste to any dish, which is why they are the only eggs I recommend to my clients and serve to my family.”

Compared to ordinary eggs, EB eggs contain six times more vitamin D, 25 percent less saturated fat, more than double the Omega-3s, ten times more vitamin E and more than double the vitamin B12. EB eggs are also an excellent source of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and vitamin B5. EB’s superior nutritional profile is due to its proprietary all-vegetarian hen feed that contains healthy grains, canola oil and a wholesome supplement of rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp and Vitamin E. In addition, independent testing has revealed that Eggland’s Best eggs have stronger shells than ordinary eggs, which leads to less breakage and helps them stay fresher longer than ordinary eggs.

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