Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Eggland’s Best

March 19, 2015

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Eggland’s Best

March celebrates National Nutrition Month, but at Eggland’s Best, we celebrate being the ONLY egg that can provide better nutrition and better taste every day. So does Eggland’s Best resident EGG-spert, Carla Birnberg. Carla’s approach to balancing nutrition and exercise is one that we all can embrace: eat well, choose the best foods & ingredients including EB, and enjoy them!

Happy National Nutrition Month!

Or, as we like to call it in our house, plain ole March.

It’s not that we don’t celebrate and EGGknowledge it– I have an overzealous nine-year-old who adores celebrating absolutely everything–it’s simply the fact even during this month dedicated to nutrition we keep on doing what we always do.

We do use March as a check-in of sorts (Are we living our goals? Are we loving the foods we eat? Do they energize, nourish, and satiate us?), but for the most part nothing changes!

Allow me to elaborate.

  • I’m a fitness and healthy living blogger.
  • I am a one-time personal trainer who owned a boutique training studio.  
  • I’m all about nutrition and healthy eating–in moderation.

Yep, you read that right.

I didn’t say sweets and treats in moderation I said healthy eating and nutrition.

You see, the way we view our food consumption around here is pretty simple: we don’t evaluate any single meal and bestow upon it a label of good or bad. We never refer to anything as a “cheat meal” or place upon it the delineation of either healthy or unhealthy.

Because really, is any one snack or meal going to break us?  And really, is any one amazingly nutritious snack or meal going to spark a lifestyle overhaul?

The answer is no and that’s a great thing!

Here we step back, view days as a whole and make our best attempt to strike a balance between the nutritional powerhouses and the not so nutritionally exemplary foods. 

Here we live the 80/20 rule during National Nutrition Month.  80% of our food choices are healthy, complete foods. We select EB eggs, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins —all nutritious choices which help us have the energy to live the life we’ve chosen.  A life filled with sports, play, and other activities.

The other 20% of our choices? During this National Nutrition Month (and every other month of the year) the remaining 20% are foods we savor and consume mindfully–but which may not edge us closer to our goals of being a stronger soccer player or nailing a personal record on the next 10K.

And that’s ok, too.

For us there’s no getting off track or getting back on track because we’ve never created a track.

During National Nutrition Month and the 11 others we’ve created space for all sorts of foods.

And it works.