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June 20, 2017

Cedar Knolls, N.J., June 12, 2017 – To help consumers more easily decide which grocery store products they can trust, BrandSpark International enlisted the help of more than 10,000 American shoppers for their annual American Shopper Study. When it came to what egg brand consumers rely on, participants named Eggland’s Best (EB) as America’s Most Trusted Egg for the third year in a row.  The BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards winner logo allows brands to clearly communicate the significant trust connection they have built with shoppers.


July 15, 2015

Eggland’s Best Eggs Recognized in 2015 Men’s Fitness Food Awards

CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J., July 15, 2015 –Relying on taste tests and reviews from the country’s most trusted nutritional experts, Men’s Fitness has determined the top 50 foods for their 2015 Men’s Fitness Food Awards. This year, Eggland’s Best Cage-Free eggs were awarded “Best Eggs” in the “Top Refrigerated Foods” Category. (more…)

July 7, 2015

Fans have until September 1st to cast their vote for their favorite candidate!

CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J., July 7, 2015 – Thousands and thousands of Eggland’s Best fans across the country entered the Eggland’s Best “2015 CEO Search” Contest and Eggland’s Best has announced which three candidates are just one step away from receiving the honorary title of “Chief Egg Officer.” (more…)

July 15, 2014

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Eggland’s Best (EB) mark a special occasion as they commemorate the 20 billionth USDA-approved Eggland’s Best egg. Eggland’s Best eggs are sold in all 50 states in supermarkets across the country.

“We are pleased to have such a strong partnership with Eggland’s Best and are proud that the USDA grade mark appears on their egg cartons,” says Anne Alonzo, Administrator for the Agricultural Marketing Service of the USDA. (more…)

May 5, 2014

Eggland’s Best wants to know: What is “Your Best Recipe” using EB eggs? Is it your secret pie recipe? Your world-famous frittata? A melt-in-your-mouth soufflé? Enter it NOW in the 2nd Edition of the “Your Best Recipe” contest. Entries will be accepted from May 5, 2014 through July 31, 2014.

How to enter:

You may enter up to 2 recipes in each of the following 4 categories: 

  • Breakfast
  • Appetizer
  • Main Course
  • Dessert

One winner will be selected from each category and will be awarded $1,000!


April 1, 2014

Eggland’s Best is excited to announce our new line of all-natural milk chocolate eggs.

We couldn’t resist! Happy April Fool’s Day all. For information on our real eggs, click here.


March 6, 2014

For the second year in a row, Eggland’s Best Organic eggs have been selected as a winner of Prevention’s 100 Cleanest Packaged Foods Awards. Eggland’s Best eggs come from hens fed a proprietary, all-vegetarian diet and are held to strict quality, freshness and nutritional standards.

This is the fourth consecutive year Prevention put packaged foods to the test to determine the best, healthiest, and for the second year, cleanest boxed and bagged products in their 100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards.  (more…)

February 12, 2014

After more than 40,000 consumer votes, Eggland’s Best has been named “Best Egg” by Product of The Year USA.

Product of The Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award program for innovation in consumer products. This recognition has served as a shortcut for consumers to pick the best products, saving them time and money. (more…)

January 21, 2014

Since its inception, Eggland’s Best has made it a mission to produce an egg that lives up to its registered trademark “Better taste. Better nutrition. Better eggs.” Now, a recent independent study published in The Journal of Applied Poultry Research reveals that Eggland’s Best can also claim “Better Freshness.”


January 20, 2014

Eggland’s Best was selected as an American Masters of Taste Gold Medal Seal winner by Chefs In America for their liquid egg white variety.

Eggland’s Best 100% Liquid Egg Whites were judged superior, and the judging was conducted “triple blind” in Northern California by a panel of Chef Masters of Taste. Eggland’s Best has been endorsed for over ten consecutive years by Chefs In America for their superior tasting shell egg products. (more…)