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Eggland's Best Liquid Egg Whites Awarded “American Masters of Taste Gold Seal Award”

Eggland's Best Liquid Egg Whites Awarded “American Masters of Taste Gold Seal Award”

Eggland's Best was selected as an American Masters of Taste Gold Medal Seal winner by Chefs In America for their liquid egg white variety.

Eggland's Best 100% Liquid Egg Whites were judged superior, and the judging was conducted "triple blind" in Northern California by a panel of Chef Masters of Taste. Eggland's Best has been endorsed for over ten consecutive years by Chefs In America for their superior tasting shell egg products. moreThe American Masters of Taste Gold Medal Seal is the first award for the company's newly launched 100% Liquid Egg Whites.

"Eggland's Best delivers egg products that are consistently fresh and flavorful for home cooks and professional chefs alike," commented members of the Masters of Taste judging panel.

The protocols of "triple blind" judging include the following ground rules to ensure accurate and fair judging results. Evaluators do not know:

  1. Who the manufacturer is;
  2. What the product variety or appellation is;
  3. What the other evaluators' scores and comments are.

The judging was part of the on-going U.S.A Taste Championships founded in 1986 with the establishment of Chefs in America, whose professional board members gather weekly to conduct taste tests on a myriad foodservice and retail products.

"It's an honor to receive the 'Award of Excellence' from the American Masters of Taste for our liquid egg whites," said Charles Lanktree, President and CEO of Eggland's Best, LLC. "We only recently launched our Liquid Egg Whites and have worked hard to ensure that they live up to the high quality, taste and nutrition standards that consumers and chefs have come to expect from Eggland's Best."

Eggland's Best Liquid Egg Whites are made exclusively from farm fresh Eggland's Best shell eggs and contain no cholesterol or saturated fat. As such they are certified by the American Heart Association as meeting the heart-healthy nutrition guidelines of their Heart Check Food Certification Program.

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