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Have picky eaters? Try Eggland's Best Eggs!

Have picky eaters? Try Eggland's Best Eggs!

I have four kids who eat constantly, so I'm always looking for things that will please the crowd. This is even more challenging when you have picky eaters as I do. Balancing each child's likes and dislikes leaves me scratching my head when meal planning. I have to constantly remind myself that not everyone is supposed to like everything. Just like adults, different tastes appeal to different people. -Ashleigh Evans

Gabby can eat raw carrots all day, but the minute they're cooked they're a no-go. Liam will pick around anything green, but spinach in smoothies is okay. Mealtimes can be pretty stressful if I don't have a strategy.

Luckily, we have one big winner in this house: eggs.

I frequently turn to egg recipes for the fast and filling protein boost growing kids need to get through their busy days. I buy

Eggland's Best® eggs because I want to give my kids something they love that also happens to be packed with essential vitamins they need for proper development.

It might surprise you to learn that eggs are not all the same. The hens that lay Eggland's Best eggs are fed a high-quality vegetarian diet with no animal by-products and no processed foods. It's simple: Quality in, quality out. Testing of Eggland's Best eggs vs. generic eggs has shown that Eggland's Best eggs have:

This is why buying Eggland's Best is a no-brainer for us. Our household always has at least four dozen Eggland's Best eggs in the fridge at a time. When I'm creating our weekly meal plan, I try to plan at least three egg-centered meal ideas, from sweet to savory. Even with my picky eaters, I can count on these egg dishes to be a hit, which is a huge win for me.

In fact, brinner (that would be breakfast for dinner) is the number-one request in our house. We regularly make things like frittatas, omelets, green eggs and ham (spinach, no food dye!), mini-quiche bites, or just super cheesy eggs.

Here are two recipes that have saved my sanity more than a few times:

Easy Ham-and-Veggies Egg Muffin Cups

These egg muffin cups are a staple in our house. My kids love it when we switch it up, adding different meats, veggies, and cheeses to keep things interesting.

I prefer the oven-baking method, but there are also molds for the Instant Pot too. Just know that when you remove the egg muffins from the oven, they will lose some of their puff. No worries—they are still delicious, with just the right amount of richness.

On top of the fact that these are a crowd-pleaser, Eggland's Best eggs contain six times more vitamin D than ordinary eggs, which helps build strong bones. A win-win for all!

Grab-and-Go Bacon-and-Potato Breakfast Burritos

If you're looking for something a little more substantial, this breakfast burrito is a great option. It's perfect because it's filled with things kids love like scrambled eggs, bacon, and potatoes, but more adventurous eaters can add veggies, meat, or salsa, if they choose. This is a creative way to make sure your entire family is not only getting something delicious but good for them too: their daily dose of protein, along with brain-boosting vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like DHA, B12, and iodine.