Making Nutrition Fun: Summer Fit Tip from Cathe

May 4, 2014

Making Nutrition Fun: Summer Fit Tip from Cathe

When you hear the word “nutrition” you probably get a big frown on your face as you think of all those delicious sweet or fattening foods you shouldn’t be eating.  Perhaps your doctor has suggested that you start eating healthier due to health issues such as diabetes, heart disease or obesity.  No worry; good nutrition can be fun with a little creativity.  These ideas can help you get started on the path to better nutrition without killing your joy.

Change Your Thinking about Nutrition

Educate yourself about nutrition and how it works with your body’s unique makeup.  Think of your body as a well-oiled machine that needs to run on fuel day in and day out.  That fuel is food and drink!  Keep in mind that all foods have a nutritional value.   The word “nutrition” isn’t limited to those foods commonly referred to as health foods.

Nutrition covers everything, from fruits and vegetables to meats to carbohydrates, and everything in between.  So start thinking of the nutritional value of the foods you eat.  You might count calories or carbs, or you might decide to just cut back portions so that you’re decreasing food intake every day.  Whatever path you choose, the nutritional value of all foods should be considered.

During National Nutrition Month in March it’s a great time to change your thinking about nutrition and how it affects your body.

How It Works

Test your diet:

There’s only one guaranteed nutritional formula that can work to keep you healthy.  It’s up to you to find it!  Use a weight scale, blood pressure monitor or other devices to test how certain foods affect you. 

Keep a journal and note if certain foods help you lose weight or at least maintain your desired weight.  Note if your blood pressure goes up or down, or remains steady.  Take notes on how you feel after eating certain foods.  Some foods might make you feel tired or less energetic than usual.  Some foods might cause stomach bloating or swelling in the hands and feet.

Once you know how your body reacts to certain foods, you can tweak your diet to eat foods that work for you.

Munch on Fruit

Did you know that fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth…but without all the guilt?  One bowl of fruit is loaded with nutrition, but fruit lacks the large volume of processed sugars and carbs of most snacks that you might tend to crave.  Even if you eat fruit late at night, it won’t hinder your sleep anywhere near as much as other snacks will. 

Fruit can be fun too!  Munch on a bowl of grapes or freeze a banana.  Make smoothies with your favorite fruits.  Use a juicer to blend various fruits and vegetables into a nutrient-packed homemade juice.   Make homemade muffins with berries, and substitute sugar with a natural sweetener.  These are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning!

Soup It Up

Use vegetables to create a variety of soups.  Soup is both delicious and nutritional.  You can blend any vegetables you want with chicken, beef or turkey for a delightful, filling meal. Add okra, carrots, onions, cabbage, tomato, potatoes and more. Just make sure to use a low sodium broth.

Eat Complete Foods

Improve your diet by swapping everyday processed foods for nutrient-packed complete food alternatives. Substituting unhealthy choices with beneficial foodstuffs like Eggland’s Best eggs and  fruits and vegetables means that you get more benefit out of every mouthful of your favorite dishes. Food swapping also means that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor, and can avoid bland, fat-free foods, and unhealthy substitutes.

Make Eggland’s Best Eggs Part of Your Fitness Routine

It´s no secret that for years body builders have depended on Eggland’s Best eggs due to their numerous fitness benefits. Eggland’s Best is the perfect addition to any fitness regimen. The high protein in Eggland’s Best eggs assists with weight management because they leave you feeling fuller.  Eggland’s Best eggs will also help add to your muscle strength which in turn will help prevent muscle loss. 

Other Creative Ideas

Good nutrition sometimes comes disguised in your favorite dishes.  Add vegetables to an Eggland’s  Best egg omelet.  Use vegetables in casserole dishes, or roast them with your meats.  Reduce fat by grilling meats, and throw some vegetables on a kabob as a side dish. 

Replace sodas with water whenever possible. Water will help you feel full longer while also keeping your body hydrated.  And finally….get moving and keep moving!  Start a regular walking or jogging routine that you can keep up daily.  Ride a bike, workout to an exercise video or go for a daily swim.  Choose exercise routines that are easy for you and that will fit into your time schedule.  Eating healthier plus daily exercise will boost your weight loss and health.

As you can see, eating nutritional meals doesn’t have to be a drag.  Use these tips to get started with the fun way of eating healthy.  You’ll wonder why you waited so long!