Meal Prepping Made Easy

Meal Prepping Made Easy

1. Whole grains, like brown rice or quinoa

Having a big batch of cooked quinoa, farro or brown rice in your refrigerator makes it much easier to throw together a healthy lunch or dinner during the week. You can heat it up as a side dish or use it as the base for a salad or burrito bowl. Make enough for the number of people in your family or for the amount of meals you are going to create, and then switch to another grain next week!


2. Cut-Up Fruit and Vegetables

Having fresh fruit and vegetables ready to go in your refrigerator makes it much easier to eat healthy when you are busy. I like to cut a pineapple or melon to eat with breakfast or lunch, and bell peppers or celery to snack on with hummus. If you make sandwiches, salads, or tacos often, having lettuce, tomatoes, and onions washed and cut can make mealtime easier.


3. Egg Cups or Healthy Muffins

By having a healthy breakfast prepped and ready to go, you can always be sure to start your day off right! Bake a batch of whole grain breakfast muffins or veggie-filled egg cups with Eggland’s Best eggs. They have more vitamins & nutrients than ordinary eggs, plus more than double the omega 3s and 25% less saturated; ensuring that you get the most nutrition possible!


4. A Lean Protein Source

Putting together a balanced lunch or quick dinner is much easier when you have some lean protein readily available. Grill a couple of chicken breasts, brown some lean turkey, or boil a few Eggland’s Best eggs to have on hand to make salads, wraps or bowls for a quick and healthy meal at any time of day.

Once you get the hand of preparing the basics, you can decide what other snacks or meals you want to prep for your busy week ahead!


Written by - Kaleigh McMordie

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Master of Nutrition