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Orthodox Union Certifies Every Eggland's Best Farm as Kosher

Orthodox Union Certifies Every Eggland's Best Farm as Kosher

Cedar Knolls, NJ, December 16, 2014 – The Orthodox Union (OU), the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency, conducted their annual kosher renewal process and has once again certified all of the Eggland’s Best’s farms as kosher.more

Consumers interested in kosher certified products will see the OU symbol on all Eggland’s Best packaging, which indicates that Eggland’s Best’s eggs exceeded the high standards of the Orthodox Union’s kosher certification.

“We are thrilled to once again achieve this accolade from the Orthodox Union in each of our 62 farms across the United States,” said Charlie Lanktree, President and CEO of Eggland’s Best. “Choosing to have all of our facilities certified kosher is an important aspect of quality assurance and is highly valued by many of our customers.”

“We are glad that Eggland’s Best has earned their kosher certification for the 16th year in a row,” said Rabbi Chaim Loike, of the Orthodox Union. “Eggland’s Best’s dedication to meeting the Orthodox Union’s kosher standards lets consumers know that Eggland’s Best is truly dedicated to food safety and quality standards.”

Along with being certified kosher, Eggland’s Best eggs are superior in nutrition compared to ordinary eggs. This is due to EB’s strictly controlled, all-vegetarian hen feed, which contains no added hormones or antibiotics. One large Eggland’s Best egg has 25 percent less saturated fat, four times more vitamin D, 10 times the vitamin E and 3 times more vitamin B12 compared to ordinary eggs. Along with the nutritional benefits of Eggland’s Best eggs, a study published in the Journal of Applied Poultry Research revealed that Eggland’s Best eggs also stay fresher longer than ordinary eggs.

Eggland’s Best eggs are available in medium, large, extra-large, jumbo, cage-free, organic, hard-cooked, and liquid egg whites varieties.