Allrecipes Again Honors Eggland’s Best with 2023 Community Choice Award

Allrecipes Again Honors Eggland’s Best with 2023 Community Choice Award

Eggland’s Best Voted as Egg of Choice in Breakfast Category

Cedar Knolls, NJFebruary 22, 2023 – Each year, the Allrecipes community of savvy home cooks chooses the top grocery store brands to highlight in the publication’s 2023 Community Choice Awards. Once again, Eggland’s Best eggs are honored in the “Breakfast Darlings” category, emphasizing that the #1 branded egg in the U.S. continues to be a favorite grocery find when it comes to the most important meal of the day.

"Every year, we invite Allrecipes readers and savvy home cooks everywhere to vote for their favorite grocery and household brands in the Allrecipes Community Choice Awards. It's our chance to uncover and spotlight the brands that your fellow home cooks trust, swear by, and just can't live without," said Carrie Boyd, Deputy Editor of Allrecipes magazine. "With rising costs and so many new products to choose from, these awards serve as a guide that will help simplify shopping, make meal-prep easier, dinner tastier, and families happier in the year ahead."

Allrecipes distributed a comprehensive survey encouraging the Allrecipes community to share their favorite brands across 65 different categories. After receiving thousands of responses from home cooks across the country, Allrecipes announced Eggland’s Best eggs as a top choice in the Breakfast category. For more information about the selection and vetting process, please visit here.

“At Eggland’s Best, we take pride in providing our consumers with eggs that have superior nutrition, taste, and freshness compared to ordinary eggs,” said Kurt Misialek, President and CEO of Eggland’s Best. “We are thrilled to once again be honored by the Allrecipes community as the best eggs, which reinforces our dedication to being consumers’ top egg choice.”

“When it comes to my clients and my family, I only recommend Eggland’s Best eggs because they provide superior nutrition, including more than double the Omega 3-s and Vitamin B12 and contain 25% less saturated fat compared to ordinary eggs,” said Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner. “Recognitions like this one goes to show that consumers continue to choose Eggland’s Best Eggs as a top breakfast staple because it’s an easy way to ensure you’re getting in plenty of nutrients to keep you going throughout the day!”

Compared to ordinary eggs, Eggland’s Best eggs contain six times more Vitamin D, 25% less saturated fat, more than double the Omega-3s, ten times more Vitamin E, and more than double the Vitamin B12. The superior nutrition of Eggland’s Best is due to its proprietary all-vegetarian hen feed that contains healthy grains, canola oil and a wholesome supplement of rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp and Vitamin E.

In addition, independent testing has revealed that Eggland’s Best eggs have stronger shells than ordinary eggs, which leads to less breakage and helps them stay fresher longer. Eggland’s Best’s patented method of production and verification ensures that every Eggland’s Best egg has these superior qualities.

Eggland’s Best eggs have been the recipient of more than 100 awards and honors for the product’s superior taste, nutrition, freshness and variety. For more information and delicious recipes, visit