A grandmother prepares Eggland's Best egg products with two young children.

Superior Nutrition

A Fresh Approach

Our eggs have more of the good stuff. That’s because we do things differently—right from the start.

  • Stays Fresher Longer*
  • Only 60 Calories
  • 10X More Vitamin E*
  • 25% Less Saturated Fat*
  • More than Double The Omega-3*
  • 6x More Vitamin D*
  • More than Double Vitamin B12*
  • 38% More Lutein*
  • Excellent Source of Vitamin B2
  • Excellent Source of Vitamin B5

Superior Feed

EGGLAND’S BEST hens are fed an all-vegetarian diet that’s nutritionally superior to other feeds.

vs. Ordinary Eggs

ONLY EGGLAND’S BEST takes egg nutrition seriously. See for yourself how we stack up against ordinary eggs.

Better for Special Diets

ONLY EGGLAND’S BEST suits so many special diets, including vegetarian, diabetic and cholesterol-conscious diets.