Animal Safety & Welfare

Better eggs start with healthy chickens

Humane animal care is one of our highest priorities, and all of our egg producers must adhere to very strict requirements or they will lose their license to produce our products. All farms that produce our eggs are 3rd-party animal welfare certified by leading animal welfare certifying groups in the United States. Also, each of our producers is inspected routinely by a team of veterinarians that verifies complete animal care compliance.

All Eggland’s Best Organic Egg producers are in full compliance with organic certification standards which are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We are also certified by Quality Assurance International to ensure our full organic compliance. Our producers strictly follow National Organic Program standards and are routinely certified by an independent auditor to ensure continued compliance.

Highest marks in Quality Assurance.

We were recently audited by Quality Assurance International in order to verify that all of our organic eggs are being produced in full compliance with USDA program standards. In this audit, we received the highest possible marks.

We take the welfare of the hens, and the production of the highest quality eggs very seriously, and we will continue to ensure that all of our eggs are produced to the highest of standards for our consumers.


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