Corned Beef Breakfast Sandwich

Prep Time
5 mn
Cook Time
15 min
2 sandwiches
Recipe by: Honest Cooking

The perfect way to use up that leftover corned beef.

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4 pieces rye bread

Salted butter for the toast

2 Eggland’s Best Eggs (large)

Salt and pepper, to taste

4 slices of corned beef

2 slices of swiss cheese

¼ cup sauerkraut

1 scallion, sliced


  1. Lightly toast the rye and butter both sides of bread.
  2. While it is toasting, cook the eggs over-easy with salt and pepper. (Eggs may also be scrambled or poached if desired)
  3. Assemble the sandwiches, starting with the corned beef on top of the bottom bread, followed by the egg and swiss cheese.
  4. Broil the open-faced sandwich for a few minutes, until the cheese melts.
  5. Top with sauerkraut, sliced scallions and top half of bread.


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Information per Serving
Serving Size 1
Calories 768
Fat 47 g
Saturated Fat 22 g
Cholesterol 356 mg
Sodium 2000 mg
Carbohydrates 34 g
Dietary Fiber 4 g
Protein 49 g