Gluten Free Egg and Veggie Tostadas

Gluten Free Egg and Veggie Tostadas
Prep Time
10 mins.
Cook Time
5 mins.
Recipe by: Kate Bro | BROhaha

This recipe is the perfect appetizer for any brunch or celebration! The warm eggs combined with sauteed veggies and tomatoes contrast perfectly with the cool salsa, lettuce, cheese and avocado toppings. When prepared with Eggland’s Best eggs, they also provide more vitamins D, E & B12 as well as less saturated fat than ordinary eggs!

Make This Recipe


6 Eggland's Best eggs, large

2 tsp vegetable oil

¼ cup milk

½ tomato, diced

¼ cup red bell pepper

¼ cup green bell pepper

¼ tsp chili powder

8 Tostada shells

½ cup shredded lettuce

½ cup cheddar cheese

½ cup chunky salsa

1 avocado, sliced


  1. Whisk together eggs & milk in a small bowl and set aside
  2. Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add tomato, peppers, and chili pepper. Saute until peppers are soft (approx 5 min)
  3. Pour egg mixture into skillet and stir carefully until eggs are cooked
  4. Divide eggs & peppers evenly over tostada shells
  5. Top with lettuce, cheese, salsa, & avocado slices as desired

Recipe Notes: Prep your toppings ahead of time so the eggs don't get cold when it's time to assemble!


Remember to always use Eggland’s Best eggs in all of your recipes. Learn why it’s always the healthy choice.

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Information per Serving
Serving Size 4
Calories 592
Fat 37.2g
Saturated Fat 13.2g
Cholesterol 279mg
Sodium 663mg
Carbohydrates 46.7g
Dietary Fiber 6.2g
Protein 18.7g