3 Clear Ways EB Egg Nutrients Can Help Eye Health

Eggland’s Best is known for having better taste and better nutrition than ordinary eggs. But did you know they have nutrients that could be beneficial for your eyes?

Here are 3 clear reasons why you should incorporate EB eggs in to your daily meals:

More than Double The Omega-3

EB eggs are the perfect food source to provide your body with this essential fatty acid which isn’t produced by our bodies naturally. Omega-3 can be beneficial to your eye function.

38% More Lutein

Lutein plays an important role for overall eye health and healthy vision. Eggland’s Best eggs have 38% more lutein than ordinary eggs, which may help in slowing the effects of age-related macular degeneration. Plus it’s an important nutrient for those at risk for cataracts.

Important Source Of Vitamin A

Ever had dry eyes? Vitamin A helps keep your eyes moist, while also helping them adjust to light changes when you come in from outside.

Other Nutrients

Vitamin E, Vitamin D, folate, and zeaxanthin are all found in Eggland’s Best eggs and are all reported to be beneficial for eye health.