Eggland’s Best Eggshell Seed Starters

Eggland’s Best Eggshell Seed Starters

With spring right around the corner, we’ve got a great way to use Eggland’s Best to help you get ready and to help you save on those gardening costs! How you might ask? Easy, peasy people!! We are looking back to what some might call an “old school” method of gardening. Many years ago, in a land far far away, before peat pots and gardening trays, people used eggshells to start sprouting their seeds! With the calcium and minerals in EB eggshells, they make for a perfect seed starter – helping your seeds grow prior to planting, and then adding great minerals to the soil as the eggshell breaks down. The eggshell also works to deter certain pests and grubs because they dislike the feel of an eggshell! Do we have you walking on eggshells yet? Eggcellent! Here’s how you get started:

What you’ll need:

  • Seed starting soil or potting mix
  • Seeds of your choosing
  • EB eggs and egg carton (any variety)
  • Spoon or scoop
  • Optional: Permanent marker
  • Optional: Spray bottle
  • Optional: Small safety pin or nail

1. Next time you reach for your EB eggs to get cooking, carefully crack at the top of the egg, making sure to preserve the majority of the shell.

2. Empty out the egg and use for your favorite baked goods, scramble or EB recipe! Save the empty eggshell and rinse clean.

3. Use a safety pin or small nail to prick a small hole in the bottom of the egg to allow for water drainage, if you’d like.

4. Spoon or scoop enough potting soil into the egg to fill the eggshell nearly to the top. Do not pack the dirt too tightly.

5. Add in your seeds! Place your seeds – about 4-6 per egg- in the eggshell, and tamp down, then top off with a bit more soil – just enough so that they’re covered, but do not push them down too deeply, or it will take longer for them to sprout or crack the shell!

6. Optional: Use a permanent marker to write the name of your plant on the eggshell, so you don’t forget which are which if you’re starting multiple types of seeds.

7. Place your eggshells back into the egg carton for safekeeping! You should use your spray bottle to mist each egg with enough water to keep the soil damp but not soaked, and then place them in the sun! This can be done with any of our cartons, but if you’re using our Organic or Cage-Free PET carton, remove the label and the carton will act as a mini-greenhouse!

8. Watch your little seedlings grow! Continue to keep them watered and within a few weeks, you will see them start to grow. When they grow large enough (after about 6-8weeks) and when it’s warm enough out, you can now plant them outside – still in the eggshells!

Share your seedings with us on social media, or submit your pictures of your seedings to our website for a chance to win a free dozen!