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Guide to Packing Road Trip Snacks

Guide to Packing Road Trip Snacks

Epic road trips or travel days deserve epic snacks. We teamed up with Honest Cooking to make this guide that maps out exactly what you need to make a great meal that you can take on the go.


Hard Boiled Eggs

Boil a few of Eggland’s Best eggs and pack them up, unpeeled for the trip. They’re the perfect boost of protein. If you’re pressed for time, pick up our Hard-Cooked Peeled eggs at your local grocery store that are ready to eat! The best part? Their yolks are perfectly cooked and bright yellow. (We’ve all been in overcooked, green yolk land and it’s not pretty.) To make our hard boiled eggs anything but ordinary, we recommend whipping up a seasoning mix before you leave home. We made ours in honor of the everything bagel and happily sprinkle it on everything, especially hard-boiled eggs.

Hummus and Fresh Veggies

Besides the nutrients found in Eggland’s Best eggs, bring some washed and cut vegetables to keep you energized on the trip. We like to pack a jar with just carrot sticks, celery sticks and cherry tomatoes and then pack another jar with hummus. This way the veggies aren’t getting soggy by being in the same container as the hummus.

A Crunchy, Salty Snack

Salty snacks are a must on a road trip. Rather than packing a bag that can be crushed, fill a mason jar with pretzel sticks, sesame sticks, crackers or a savory spicy trail mix with roasted nuts. Plus, the jar will help the snack fit in your car’s cup holders so they don’t spill and can be easily reached.

Something Sweet

No need to pull over for gas station candy when you’re craving something sweet along the way. Before you leave, make a batch of oatmeal raisin or peanut butter cookies to pack up in a jar. If there is room in the cooler, feel free to make a cookie that has chocolate, but if not, leave it out of the dough so things don’t get melty as you drive.

Impromptu Wraps

When you’re on the road, dig into everything as you wish. We love making an impromptu hummus wrap with a swipe of hummus, fresh veggies, and slices of a hard-boiled egg topped off with the seasoning. So be sure to pack a few tortillas or pitas. We like to stay away from slices of soft bread as they are easily smashed.

Click here for the everything egg seasoning and a full list of ingredients!