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Healthy Eating to Soothe Your Skin with Eggland's Best

Healthy Eating to Soothe Your Skin with Eggland's Best

During the winter, skin is subjected to harsh conditions including dry heat, chilling temperatures, and harsh winds that can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy, and uncomfortable. Before you reach for expensive lotions for relief, look to different foods packed with nutrients that can help soothe your skin. I recommend including Eggland's Best eggs as a staple in your diet as they contain important skin soothing nutrients such as omega-3 fats, lutein and vitamin E. -Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD

Nutrients and tips to help soothe the skin:

Omega-3 fats: Heart-healthy omega-3 fats are part of cell membranes, which barricade harmful substances, allowing nutrients in and wastes out. Omega-3 fats are also linked to reduced inflammation of the skin. I recommend foods high in omega-3 fats including seafood, walnuts, flaxseed oil, and Eggland's Best eggs which have double the omega-3s when compared to ordinary eggs.

Lutein: Lutein, a powerful plant compound, is present in skin cells. Studies suggest that lutein protects against the sun's UV light, which robs skin of its youthful elasticity (1). The lutein in fortified eggs, such as Eggland's Best, is more effectively absorbed by the body than lutein from plant foods such as dark green leafy vegetables (2).

Vitamin E: As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E helps prevent skin damage from free radicals, the enemies of cell health. Almonds, sunflower seeds, and avocados supply vitamin E, but can be high in calories. For just 70 calories, a single Eggland's Best Egg satisfies 25% your daily vitamin E requirement, which is 10 times the amount of ordinary eggs.


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