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How to Perfectly Fry an EB Egg

How to Perfectly Fry an EB Egg

We're breaking down our "Top 5 Egg preps" to help you with your favorite breakfast creations. We are crackin' shells and breaking down the EB Fried Egg. So let's get frying!

Sunnyside up is probably one of the easiest ways to make an egg!

To start - warm the frying pan and add a tablespoon olive oil or butter (whatever you prefer).

Crack the EB egg and let it cook until the white has solidified. You will know it’s time to take it out of the pan when the edges have just started to crisp!

Insider tip? When I make a breakfast sandwich, I love putting a little water in the pan with the EB egg when it’s almost done and topping it with some spinach or other greens and covering it with a pot cover. The greens will steam, and it’ll help finish off cooking the egg for you! Yum!

4 sliced of toast topped with pea pesto and EB sunny side up eggs

Over easy is where things could actually get a little challenging. Take our sunny side up prep from above and flip it. Literally!

The EB egg is flipped with a spatula while frying so that the egg whites are firm while the yolk remains runny. That flipping step is where the yolk can break, and scramble your perfect fried egg dreams... sigh.

The beauty of a fried EB egg is the versatility. Pizza, salad, rice bowl, tacos, toast… The list is pretty endless! Check out one of our favorite pizzas below.

Mini egg pizzas made with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, spinach, and avocado slices

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