Not All Eggs are Created Equal

Not All Eggs are Created Equal

Fresher longer... but how?

We work to get most EB eggs in stores within 72 hrs of being laid. Ordinary eggs can take up to 21 days before reaching stores shelves.

Eggland’s Best quality and freshness grading standards are higher than the USDA’s basic grading standards for other eggs. To ensure Eggland’s Best remains the leader in nutrition and freshness, we conduct more than 30,000 nutritional tests each year and created a “27 Points of Quality and Freshness” Program! Farmers are selected for their ability to meet our stringent quality standards and their ability to deliver fresh eggs. If a producer fails to adhere to the strict production standards, then that producer risks losing its franchise.

EB Shell Eggs in an egg holder

So why the EB stamp?

The EB stamp assures quality for you, as the consumer.

You can be confident when buying a classic, organic, or cage-free egg with the EB stamp on the shell that it is nutritionally superior from any other eggs at the grocery store. Eggland's Best eggs have 25% less saturated fat, 6x more vitamin D, more than double the omega 3s and so much more, all due to the superior feed we feed our hens.

How can we guarantee quality in every EB egg?

From testing at the farm and at the store level. EB does more than 200,000 quality tests per year. WOW!

To ensure that all Eggland’s Best hens receive the same high-quality feed, all Eggland’s Best producers submit samples each month of their EB hen feed to be evaluated in our laboratory for consistency, quality, and nutritional value.

Once at the store, Eggland's Best retains an independent auditing firm whose inspectors visits supermarkets around the country to evaluate the quality of Eggland’s Best eggs. Eggs are then collected from retail shelves and sent to an outside laboratory for additional evaluation. This testing is continuous throughout the year, making sure we're always providing your family with thE Best.

And don't be fooled, Brown and White eggs are nutritionally exactly the same! The only difference is the breed of hen they come from and if they're Eggland's Best or not!