Satisfying Suppers You’ll Feel Good About Feeding Your Kids

November 19, 2018

Satisfying Suppers You’ll Feel Good About Feeding Your Kids

At the end of a long work day, the best dinner options are always recipes that make cooking—and cleaning up afterwards—a breeze. With Eggland’s Best, not only can you create an unforgettable meal that doesn’t overwhelm you after the commute home, but you can also give your family the nutrients they need. Each EB egg is full of healthy protein and more of the vitamins and minerals we need compared to ordinary eggs such as 10x more vitamin E and 6x more vitamin D. 

So when time is short and the kids are hungry… take a minute to consider the health benefits. With a little planning and Eggland’s Best, you can offer fantastic home-cooked meals that are super nutritious and super easy. Here are two of our favorites below! 

Migas with Refried Black Beans and Guac 

A new addition to Taco Tuesdays. Serve with refried beans or rice on the side! 


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Italian-Style Shakshuka with Garlic Toast 

Don’t forget to pick up bread for dunking!