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How is Eggland’s Best protecting consumers?

Eggland's Best Eggs come from healthy flocks that are continuously monitored for any type of disease. The processing of our eggs involves decontamination of the shell surface in a warm sanitizing solution, which effectively destroys any viral and bacterial contamination. All Eggland's Best production facilities exceed Federal standards of bio-security, which are designed to prevent introduction of infection into the flocks.

Eggland's Best takes extra precaution to ensure the health of its flocks by vaccinating hens 3 times during the first 5 months of life to protect them against contracting salmonella and other diseases. Eggland's Best audits the farms and processing plants of its production facilities to ensure compliance with Best Management Practices, which significantly reduce the probability of infection and maintain the health and productivity of flocks. If, by some rare occurrence, eggs should become contaminated with any type of bacteria/virus, it would not survive the temperatures associated with food preparation, including boiling, baking, frying, and scrambling of eggs.

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