Fun & Easy Ugly Sweater Christmas Cake

Prep Time
1.5 hr.
Cook Time
25 min.
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Fun & Easy Ugly Christmas Cake That You Can Do With Your Creativity!

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Fun & Easy Funfetti Ugly Christmas Cake

1 white cake box mix

1 cup milk

½ cup melted butter

3 Eggland’s Best Large Eggs

1 Tbsp. Vanilla

¼ cup Jimmies (Your Preferred Colors)


2 stick butter (Cool to touch or Room Temp. Make sure it is not too warm)

6-7 cups powdered sugar

1 TBSP of vanilla

3 TBSP heavy cream (add more as needed if too thick. Add more powdered sugar if too thin)


Green gel food coloring

Brown gel food coloring

Pink gel food coloring

Large and Small Offset Spatulas

Gingerbread Cookie Cutter

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter

Mitten Cookie Cutter

Disposable Piping Bags

Piping Tips #4B, #18, #32, and #4

Candies of your choice

Holiday Sprinkles

White Sanding Sugar

Rectangle Cake Board or Baking Rack


1. Heat oven to 350°F.

2. Grease the bottom of the cake pan (9x13).

3. Mix white cake mix, milk, melted butter, eggs and vanilla in a large bowl with a mixer on medium speed for approximately 2 minutes.

4. Fold in sprinkles. Pour in pan.

5. Bake for 25 minutes. It is ready when the toothpick has a few crumbs or is clean.

6. Cool for 10 minutes.

7. Invert to a rectangle cake board or a baking sheet rack

8. Place the butter in the mixing bowl

9. Beat the butter on a high speed until all creamy (1 minute)

10. Add Powdered Sugar to the bowl (start with 1 cup at a time to avoid powder clouds)

11. Add 1 TSBP of Heavy Cream halfway and add another TSBP before you reach 6-7 cups. If it seems too thick, add the last 1 TBSP of heavy cream.

12. Set the mixer on the lowest setting to get rid of air bubbles for a few minutes

13. Set aside some buttercream for other colors.

14. Use a green gel food coloring to color the main buttercream.

15. Crumb coat the cake with the green buttercream.

16. Apply a final coat to the cake.

17. Save some white buttercream. Place buttercream in three different bowls. Place some green in the first bowl and add more green food coloring to make it darker. Color the remaining two bowls with a brown food gel coloring and pink food gel coloring.

18. Fit a piping bag with the 4B piping tip and fill with white buttercream.

19. Start piping to make a sweater vest as seen in the video.

20. Affix candies for the buttons.

21. Fit a piping bag with the #18 piping tip and fill with brown buttercream.

22. Use the gingerbread cookie cutter to make indentions on the top right of the cake.

23. Pipe in the shape with the brown buttercream.

24. Fit a piping bag with the #32 piping tip and fill with darker green buttercream.

25. Use the Christmas Tree cookie cutter to make indentions on the top left of the cake.

26. Pipe in the shape with the darker green buttercream.

27. Fit a piping bag with the #4 piping tip and fill with white buttercream.

28. Create a cascading line on the tree.

29. Place sprinkle balls on the line for the “ornaments” and sprinkle on some sprinkles.

30. Use the Mitten cookie cutter to make indentions on the bottom left of the cake.

31. Spread some pink buttercream in the shape with the small offset spatula.

32. Pipe the outline with the same white buttercream that you used for the tree.

33. Sprinkle on some sanding sugar.

34. Create 4 boxes on the bottom right of the cake with the white buttercream.

35. Fill with the candies of your choice.

36. Finally use the same piping bag with #32 that you used for the tree to pipe the border on the cake.

37. Sprinkle on some sprinkles throughout the cake.


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Information per Serving
Serving Size 1
Calories 306
Fat 12.3g
Saturated Fat 6.4g
Cholesterol 43mg
Sodium 189mg
Carbohydrates 47.6g
Dietary Fiber 0.2g
Protein 2.4g