Lightyear Bento Box

Prep Time
15 min.
Cook Time
10 min.
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This next-level Bento Box comes complete with star-shaped cheese, Rocket Skewers, avocado deviled eggs, and Galaxy Berry Muffins – it’s out-of-this-world delicious and nutritious!

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Star Shaped assorted low-fat cheese

3 oz mozzarella cheese (or other cheese of your choosing)

Small star-shaped cookie cutter

Rocket Skewers

2 melon, peeled and cut into ½ inch slices

2-pint strawberries

2-pint blueberries

2 cup grapes, green or purple

Long wooden skewers

Avocado Deviled Eggs

6 Large Eggland’s Best eggs

2 tsp Dijon

¼ cup smashed avocado

1 Tbsp Greek yogurt

1 Tbsp finely chopped chives

2 tsp finely chopped parsley

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Star Shaped assorted low-fat cheese
  1. Slice cheese into 1/4-inch thick slices, large enough to cut shapes into. Use a small star-shaped cookie cutter to cut star shapes in cheese slices.
Rocket Skewers
  1. Remove stem from strawberries then cut in half through the width, saving the pointy part for the top of the skewer. Next, make the bottom of the rocket using the melon. Cut the melon into the shape of a V.
  2. Skewer the melon first on the wooden stick, next the strawberry half, alternating with the grapes until you reach the top. Place the rounded strawberry on top.
Avocado Deviled Eggs
  1. Boil 1 inch of water and place Eggland’s Best eggs in a steamer basket and place in a pan. Place a tight-fitting lid on the pan. Boil on medium heat for exactly 10 minutes. Remove and allow to cool.
  2. Once Eggland’s Best eggs are cool enough to handle, cut lengthwise. Remove the yolk with a spoon and set aside. Meanwhile, mix the yolks well with the Dijon, avocado, and Greek yogurt. Stir in the chopped chives and parsley. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Fill each empty egg half with the desired amount of filling and enjoy.


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Information per Serving
Serving Size 2
Calories 398
Fat 8.8g
Saturated Fat 4.3g
Cholesterol 182mg
Sodium 436mg
Carbohydrates 27.1g
Dietary Fiber 4.3g
Protein 14.8g