3 Breakfast Toasts To Fuel Your Mornings

August 10, 2015

3 Breakfast Toasts To Fuel Your Mornings

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and here at Eggland’s Best we couldn’t agree more. Fuel your morning with these 3 easy-to-make breakfast toasts. Whether you’re off to work or getting your children ready for school, these toasts are the perfect start to any day.

Balsamic Greens

Balsamic Greens

There’s no reason why you have to wait until lunch or dinner to get your veggies in. Start your morning with this Kale and EB Egg combo. It’s packed with protein and low in fat.

Buffalo Egg White Scramble 


Wake up your taste buds by drizzling buffalo sauce over scrambled EB egg whites & diced avocado. It’ll spice up your morning and leave you feeling satisfied.

Bacon Avocado


Try this twist on your already favorite BLT recipe. Dice up bacon & tomatoes, mash an avocado, and scramble some EB egg whites for the perfect morning toast combination. You can even have it for lunch!

The only question now, is which one will you try first?