4 Light and Delicious EB Recipes

4 Light and Delicious EB Recipes

We're sharing our top 4 EB egg-inspired dishes that are packed with flavor and while still being healthy. With 25% less saturated fat, only 60 calories, and 6x more vitamin D than ordinary eggs, creating your family’s meals with Eggland’s Best eggs is a perfect choice. Whether you’re looking for a new breakfast idea or a delicious dinner meal, these 4 EB dishes have something everyone will love.

Sweet Potato Egg Nests


Breakfast on-the-go just got easier... and healthier! These sweet potato nests are easy to make and ready in no time at all!

Cali Style Fried Egg Sandwich


Perfect for any meal of the day, this fried egg sandwich combines flavorful ingredients for a light and delicious meal.

Egg Crepes with Whipped Ricotta


Stuffed with super creamy whipped ricotta filling, these egg crepes are an instagram-worthy brunch dish.

Mediterranean Egg and Steak Pita

Mediterranean Steak & Egg Pitas

Add Mediterranean flavors to this breakfast classic for a delicious new twist you can eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.