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Easy Summer Cookout Recipes

Easy Summer Cookout Recipes

Light up the grill this weekend and gather around for a simple summer menu featuring EB eggs! From a classic grilled main dish to fresh desserts, we're adding in extra nutrition for your family by swapping out your ordinary eggs for Eggland's best. Did you know EB eggs contain only 60 calories and have 25% less saturated? Not to mention they have more of the farm-fresh taste your family loves..anyway you cook them.

For the perfect cookout menu to enjoy this summer, look below.


Egg dip topped with bacon bits

This delicious dip is made with three different kinds of cheese and has bacon!

Potato salad topped with jalapenos and sliced hard boiled EB eggs

Kick up the heat and add jalapenos to your bland potato salad.

Main Course

A turkey burger topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and cheese.

This burger is anything, but ordinary... It's stuffed with EB eggs and cheese!


Greek yogurt pineapple square bars topped with a cherry and pineapple slice

Prepare these bars in advance to help cut down with last minute planning.

Raspberry-Topped Lemon Tart

Add your favorite summer fruits on top for a tangy but sweet tart.