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An Ode To Eggland's Best

An Ode To Eggland's Best

May celebrates National Egg Month, but at Eggland’s Best, we celebrate being the ONLY egg that can provide better nutrition and better taste every day. So does Eggland’s Best resident EGG-spert, Carla Birnberg. She loves EB so much, she wrote a poem about it!

It’s National Egg Month.

It’s MAY and I’m glad.

(To be candid, be honest

Other months make me sad.)

In May we all pause

EGGcited! With glee!

We celebrate the oval

So important to me.

I eat Eggland’s Best

‘Bout four times a day

Baked in my oats

And the hard boiled way.

An EGGvangelist am I

Eggs just fill me with GLEE

(I select Eggland's brand

For the Vitamin D.)

Speaking of the brand

Which is freshest by far

Did YOU even know

How vitamin'y they are?

There's E and there’s B.

So much more DHA.

Cage free? Organic?

They come either way!!

Eggs make pizza and muffins.

Sometimes scrambled for me.

Pasteurized liquid whites?

Pour in smoothies! Easy!

My fave EB EGGS?

Low in saturated fat.

No other egg brand

Can even top that!

So join me this month.

Celebrate every day

Create, bake and cook

The Eggland’s Best way.